Of Nokia and Apple: it must be Tuesday…

The Tuesday after E3 Expo, we get not one but two much-awaited announcements. Nokia finally demonstrated the OS 2006 upgrade for the Nokia 770 tablet, and Apple came out with the MacBook (sorry, Mac OS Rumors).

Alas, the Nokia announcement is still vaporware (I’d happily beta test the new firmware, since the latest update actually broke timezone support, and the full-screen virtual keyboard sounds like a nice improvement over the half-sized version one has to carefully peck with a stylus right now). And to make matter worse my tablet’s wireless actually died yesterday! Thankfully it’s still under warranty, and Nokia didn’t actually announce a hardware upgrade, as was speculated.

The Apple announcement, on the other hand, is welcome. There are concerns about the integrated video (can’t be worse than the also-integrated, 700-fps-in-glxgears ATi in my HP right now), and the price premium charged for the black case, but so far it’s looking good. I’ll let the early adopters work out all the issues with this and get the next model with OS X 10.5 and 64-bit Merom CPUs..