The Globe and Mail: North Korea admits having nuclear weapons

From The Globe and Mail: North Korea admits having nuclear weapons:

Previously, North Korea had reportedly told U.S. negotiators in private talks that it had nuclear weapons and might test one of them. The North’s UN envoy said last year that the country had “weaponized” plutonium from its pool of 8,000 nuclear spent fuel rods. Those rods contained enough plutonium for several bombs.

But Thursday’s statement was North Korea’s first public acknowledgment that it has nuclear weapons.

When a superpower uses the WMD excuse to attack a country that does not have any, and meanwhile, countries like North Korea that are harder to attack get away with it, it does not quite make the world a safer place.. the phrase paper tiger comes to mind.

Personally, I am all for humanitarian interventions, and it is good to see the US at least speaking up more strongly than most other Western nations in the case of Darfur. But when realpolitik muddies the water, even decisions taken with good intentions, such as this, might, understandably, be misconstrued by others.