Good bye, hello Xmarks and Firefox 4!

How fast the wheel turns. Not too long ago, Xmarks‘ public bookmark-syncing service is shutting down, while Yahoo’s Delicious seems reasonably healthy (despite worrying indicators such as lack of support for the more recent Firefox 4 betas, and lackadaisical support for Chrome that, I think, no longer works either). And now the latter is closing — though it’s ironic that you see no official announcement when logging into Delicious, save the news articles and switching guides bookmarked by users!

Now Xmarks is owned by LastPass, and hopefully will be integrated soon with their own offerings — Xmarks’ password-sync is inferior, for instance, and if they offer a unified SSO with LastPass’ multi-factor authentication then that would be wonderful. I carry a Yubikey around these days, with the primary key set for Fedora’s Account System, and the second key set for Yubico’s public server for use with LastPass. If someone were to use a keylogger on a public computer that I use, then by all means; the password they tapped won’t be enough.

These all mean that I’m no longer trapped on Firefox 3, since the other extension without official Firefox 4 support, Greasemonkey, supports it in their nightly builds. Gmail is really annoying to use without Greasemonkey’s Gmail Fixed Font script! Makes one wish that Google integrates its Mail and Groups teams a bit better — Groups’ interface allows switching between fixed-width and propotional fonts for reading, while Gmail only offers it for composing. Sadly Groups’ new beta interface does not even have this feature implemented — ah well, there are three feature requests for it already, hopefully they’ll get it implemented before the new interface goes live.

EDIT – looks like Delicious will survive but will be spun off. Hope it gets taken over by a company that can give it the attention it needs — less laggy FFox support, and proper Chrome, iOS, Android support would be nice. Xmarks works well enough for me that I’ll probably stick with it though.