Yahoo! Search

Kudos to Yahoo for making the Internet a more productive environment. I still have no access to their new, beta, webmail interface, but on the other hand, instant search works just fine. And it’s a mind-blowing experience.

Here’s how to enable it, for those of you who are clicking-averse:
    1    Go to
    2    Type, e.g. weather 47401
    3    Click on Add It Now so you can use it from the main search page

Currently it does not work with Konqueror (as my roommate can attest, to his angst) but interestingly, it works with Safari. In addition to Gecko browsers like Firefox and Camino, naturally. Using AJAX, the page continuously runs queries based on the currently-typed search term, and if the search engine has a current result with a high enough rating, the result is appears in a bubble under the search box. Without pressing enter!

This is like the flip side of Google Suggest . Google’s approach is to provide the most common search terms that match what you’re typing. Yahoo gives you the most likely answer, but only if there is a reasonably good answer – and in this way, it’s different from, say, Google’s “I’m feeling lucky”.

Search terms I’ve tried successfully:

  • weather zipcode (e.g., weather 47405)
  • exchange rate code1 code2 (e.g., exchange rate USD IDR). Order matters for this, exchange rate has to appear at the front – which makes sense, really.
  • movie zipcode
  • gas price zipcode

Awesome stuff. Google better watch it’s back!