Nokia 770

My Nokia 770, pre-ordered on Nov 14th, finally arrived this Thursday, shipping after exactly one month (to FedEx’s credit, the 3-day shipping ended up taking 1 day). I had an exam in the morning and a paper due later that day, so it wasn’t until Friday that I laid my hand on it.

First impression? It’s smaller than expected – about the same dimension as a PDA, rotated 90° and stretched slightly along the width. And the screen is crystal-sharp!

On the downside, application load times are on the sluggish side, and the OOM killer kicks in a bit too often, wspecially when browsing Flash-heavy sites.

Some third-party applications are on the unstable side – the WebCore-based mini browser crashes whenever one types into a password field; the ScummVM game Beneath a Steel Sky does not display an icon in the task bar, making it impossible to kill without first installing X Terminal. Hail killall!

Need to set up my Linux box for Maemo development over the break, so I could start porting Quarry. Chess is great, but sometimes one feels like Go or Reversi…

This post typed on a 770