iTunes feed extractor

The downside of Apple’s iPod/iPhone being so popular is that so many podcasts only publish iTunes links, instead of the more standard RSS/Atom feeds. And I know of OS X and Windows users who detest iTunes — imagine how Unix users feel!

Well, the feeds are still there, but hidden from plain sight — turns out, though, that if you pretend to be iTunes, you can actually trick the iTMS server into giving you the raw data. And with Python 2.6’s built-in support for Apple’s property lists, extracting the feed is a trivial matter.
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The death of Salon Audiofile’s Audiofile, a remarkable music blog that provides regular song reviews, complete with downloads of the reviewed songs in MP3 format, closed its door last month.

The archives, thankfully, are still (largely) available. But how, pray, would you download hundreds of songs scattered over 26 pages? (one per each letter in the alphabet)

If you use Firefox (and if not, you should. Not because it’s the best browser, but becaue of the add-ons), then it’s simple — look up FlashGot or DownThemAll!. The former is more configurable, I believe (you get to use your own download manager), but the latter is probably simpler to use.

Caveat lector: the (rough guess) 70% or so of the songs that still have functional links total up to more than 2GB’s worth. Will probably post a Torrent link on Mininova once I tidy them up a bit.