Google Music Manager not installable on RPM systems: workaround

Per the subject line, Google’s Music Manager software (used for uploading music to its cloud offering, Google Play Music) is currently not installable on RPM systems, at least Fedora 17 and the pre-release of Fedora 18.

This seems to be either due to changes in Google’s packaging of google-musicmanager-beta, or changes in how strictly RPM validates packages with duplicate directory ownership — as attested by the error message:

Transaction Check Error:
  file /usr/bin from install of google-musicmanager-beta- conflicts with file from
package filesystem-3.1-2.fc18.x86_64

Contacting Google is so far an exercise in futility (they really need to beef up on technical support — anyone who has tried filing Android bugs and feature requests could attest to this):

  • when sending a support request online, the clueless response is from someone who clearly does not understand Linux at all. He suggested I might have a corrupt download
    <facepalm />
  • when sending an email to the address listed in the RPM metadata:
    $ rpm -qpi ./google-musicmanager-beta_current_x86_64.rpm | grep -i packager
    Packager    : Google Music Team <>

    Believe it or not, that email address bounces…

Which leads me to using a workaround:

mkdir -p ${sometempdir}
cd ${sometempdir}
rpm2cpio /path/to/google-musicmanager-betacurrent${arch}.rpm | cpio -vid
mkdir -p opt/google
mv opt/google/musicmanager /opt/google

and then just launching Music Manager manually whenever I need to — probably not worth manually registering the application entry and the cron (scheduler) job also in that package.

If anyone has a contact who does Linux packaging for Google, please forward this to them — thanks!

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