FUDCon: travel notes

Typing this on the train coming back from FUDCon. Amazon’s Kindle has free unrestrained 3G access in Switzerland (though Google curiously geo-located me as being in Ireland), as I discovered on the first day of FUDCon, while killing away time waiting for the bunker to open (I’m glad to discover, later, that the consensus is that the Wired Dreams party indeed was a disappointment).

The train just left Switzerland, so I’m back on my netbook, but data coverage is still a bit spotty. For a while the phone actually picked up Austrian cellular networks!

It’s the first time I’ve been to FUDCon, and I’ll definitely be coming back. Though alas, the next one in Tempe, Arizona would be rather hard to squeeze in, so it might be a full year wait. It’s a wonderful energizing experience. The north American folks are great presenters (unfortunately I missed out on Jesse’s dist-git talk), and luckily one of my preferred Barcamp topics (Peter Robinson’s Fedora Mini Mobility) ended up on the morning slot, since I regrettably had to board the train right after lunch, missing all the afternoon sessions. Some ideas came up that I’ll try and follow-up on fedora-de{sktop,vel} as soon as I get back.

Oh, and for anyone thinking of visiting Red Hat’s Czech office — or Novell’s Czech office, for that matter, beware: they’re all party animals! The bunker was well stocked with beer and stronger stuff (including Swiss absinthe, which I was informed has the highest thujone content in the world, Switzerland happily not being part of the EU). ’80s Czech music is awesome, and MIsha regaled me with a Russian narcissus/Father Christmas tale, that surprisingly had a happy ending. Not many photos, unfortunately, but between Maírín and Nicu I think the event was well-covered.

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