Attending FUDCon Zurich for the weekend

Got in here late last night by train — amusingly, of the three legs of the journey (Erlangen-Nürnberg-Buchloe-Zürich), the only late train was the Swiss train from Buchloe. Uncharacteristic, but hey. Took a detour of 15 minutes walking to the hotel due to mistaking a canal for the river that was shown on the map, which afforded some amusing sights: from someone climbing out of the Botanical Gardens, after hours, over the fence, to someone skateboarding backwards… to a Valley-esque girl outside a bar whose vocabulary appeared to be limited to “OMG” which she repeated ad nauseam.

No Internet on the train (I could have used my phone as a modem until the Swiss border, but between a paper, an eBook — Peter Hamilton’s Pandora Star), no Internet in the hotel, so I had to wait until I arrive at the conference venue for my Internet diet. Finally got the liboauth/bti EL-5 updates finished.

Adam’s just starting his talk so it’s time to sign off now.

5 responses to “Attending FUDCon Zurich for the weekend

  1. Haha – I’m re-reading the Commonwealth / Void books at the moment, started Pandora’s Star on my plane from Canada to the UK, and I’m onto Dreaming Void right now. Crazy 🙂 I had it with me in Zurich but didn’t have time to read a page…

  2. What a coincidence! Yeah. I almost did not give Hamilton a second chance — the first trilogy of his I read, Night’s Dawn, I was getting less and less convinced as the books drag on, and only persevered because I was in too deep by the time.

    Got started on the Void trilogy because, I believe, Alastair Reynolds plugged it in one of his short story compilations. Love his Revelation Space universe, and also the one-off Century Rain — the latter having an air of romance (of the Captain Picard-in-the-1940s type rather than of the swashbuckling adventurer one) seldom seen in sci-fi. “Archform: Beauty” is the only exception that comes to mind right now.

  3. yeah, I have all of Reynolds’ books. I think they’re always interesting and fun but his pacing and characterization can be clunky. I like the short story collections the best.

    I don’t think Night’s Dawn is meant to be *convincing*, exactly, at least not in total. Lots of it happens just because PFH thought it would be fun. =) But the underlying themes are pretty much what he’s been dealing in all along, and quite serious.

    The Mandel books are good if you haven’t read them, though pretty different to his later stuff.

  4. I guess my problem with Night’s Dawn is that the protagonist is so… um… preoccupied with copulation, to the point of using body enhancements to increase his virility. But it could be worse; Heinlein’s Time Enough for Love combines frontierism with a character, Lazarus Long, that sires more offspring than Genghis Khan. Both are still very good works, just not really my cup of tea.

    Will try the Mandel books after I finish the Void trilogy, thanks!