Android : flashing :: programming : ?

Your editor will confess that he still feels a certain childlike joy at the prospect of reflashing an expensive device that he depends on, possibly bricking it, then painfully restoring all of the settings and discovering all of the new bugs which have been added. It’s the sort of adrenaline experience that others, perhaps, seek through horror movies, bungee jumping, investing in equities, or PHP programming

Jonathan Corbet, The end of the road for the Nexus One, Linux Weekly News


2 responses to “Android : flashing :: programming : ?

  1. I actually prefer:

    It is an expensive device – on the face of it, rather more so than a shiny new iPhone 4, and it doesn’t even come with a free case.

    • That’s a fine quote too 🙂

      On a more serious matter, I don’t really know a serious user who uses the free cases that comes with their smartphones / PDAs — good 3rd party cases are invariably better; and of course, the iPhone is cheaper due to the carrier subsidy (i.e. ought to have been higher, if only the practice of BYOP is as common as in Europe, and thus you get a lower price for it).

      A plus point for the iPhone, though it’s finally getting rectified in Android, is that the internal storage is much bigger. Android devices are more expandable, but until 2.2 apps cannot be installed in external storage — and now that they can, developers have to opt-in first.