Writing on the Wall

Rembrandt's Belshazzar's Feast

With Google’s Buzz entering the social media space, the time has come for me to rationalize the system I use for my Internet posts. Until now, there has been an evolving, ad-hoc system, modified as I try new services and cease to use others; the system works, more or less, but it’s a bit fuzzy as to what ends up where. This is an attempt to clarify the alphabet soup.

  • Long writings end up here
  • Short jottings end up on Tumblr: both my own and shared items, as long as I add my editorial note to them
  • Interesting articles are shared on Google Reader, and tweeted if I think they merit wider readership
  • Location-specific notes are written directly in Buzz
  • Stumbles go to StumbleUpon. Provided I’m on Firefox. This is nowadays for oddball sites I would not use Tumblr for.
  • Pipelines — my WP, Tumblr, and StumbleUpon entries feed to Twitter, and Twitter and Reader entries feed to Buzz. Tumblr entries are fed to my Facebook Notes as well; and WP entries are noted individually if they are of general interest
  • In short, consult my Buzz page for everything, or Twitter if you’re not a heavy reader.

All Twitter syndication thanks to HootSuite, a really nice dashboard for Twitter-style sites. It does not support Twitter’s new oAuth system yet, but the Twitter support is way more reliable than Tumblr’s (understandable, as it’s the former’s lifeblood).

There might be a delay, as HootSuite only polls my other sites’ feeds hourly, and there is also currently some delays getting Tumblr notes to FaceBook, and Twitter entries to Buzz; the wrinkles should hopefully be fixed by FB and Google soon, though I have more hopes about the latter.


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