[Packaging] Ships that pass in the night

Amusing (or depressing?) trail of bug-hunting:

  • During the package review process for pure, we discovered that a dlsym-ed strcmp does not produce the right result on F-12
  • The same problem turned out to be the case with avahi-sharp; its dlsym-ed strlen produces incorrect results, causing segmentation faults in Banshee (which uses it through mono-zeroconf)
  • Switching zeroconf to use avahi through DBUS would fix things, but when poking through the sources, it is discovered that its developer has been bundling a private copy of NDesk.DBus, against Fedora guidelines and the wishes of NDesk.DBus upstream
  • Said upstream has not released a stable release since January 2008, though the code is still actively developed in Git, and there is a (quiet) bugtracker on Launchpad. Nobody appears to be using the upstream code; even openSUSE Factory is still using 0.6.1 (not even the latest 0.6.1a).
  • Meanwhile, Fedora’s ndesk-dbus carries a patch, at the request of sugar-sharp, that changes the public API by adding some public methods. The API version, however, is unchanged.

I’ve notified upstream, as well as the zeroconf developers. The Fedora bugs affected are linked from the upstream bug report as well. Meanwhile, let’s hope the glibc bug gets fixed soon too. It’s nice having a seconder, especially as the test case is much smaller than the test case I submitted for pure.


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