The business case for authentication

From LWN’s coverage [subscription required] of Vincent Rijman’s[1] BruCON talk:

If you use a non-HP cartridge, an HP printer prints with less quality, to make the user think the HP cartridges are better. The same happens with batteries in mobile phones: some phones raise their antenna power to the maximum if you use a battery from another company, just to drain the battery and make you think the phone’s own batteries are better.

How ironic. Other cases spring to mind — the infamous Windows 3.1 beta, and Intel’s icc compiler choosing unoptimized code paths on AMD CPUs, but neither of those involve cryptography, unlike, apparently, the cases above.

[1] He of Rijndael / AES fameTechnorati

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2 responses to “The business case for authentication

  1. Ironically what we discuss is not an illusion or even a freak fake (That is windows)
    I think it spoils apple Mac and itself by its Vista Edition. The matter of producing a product to deceive others is now quite an odd thing to cheer up . especially after having fedora in a convenience way by Pros not Cons.