Les médias français, qui ne comprennent pas la compatibilité de croix-plateforme

Periodically, I’d scour the Internet for French-language streaming media broadcast. Unfortunately, despite the European Commission’s much-publicized anti-trust case against Microsoft, and the French’s famously anti-American attitude, when it comes to Internet broadcasting they are all in hock to Microsoft.

Case in point: France 24, the French answer to CNN and BBC. While most Anglo-American site would at least offer you a choice between Real and Windows Media (I don’t see QuickTime used much), most French sites, including the aforementioned, serves only WMV. This, at a time where the BBC is even sponsoring the development of an open-source video codec, Dirac [wikipedia.org].

The site’s design also feels rather sluggish, and the aspect ratio is wrong unless you go full-screen. Alors… 😦


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