Laptop overheating solved

My L2000 laptop has been experiencing random lock-ups under Linux for a long time; I’ve been attributing it to kernel issues (ACPI, APIC, sound and network drivers) because said lock-ups do not occur under Windows.

As it turns out, removing one of the two memory modules seems to have solved the problem (more than two days’ worth of almost continuous running and no crash yet!). The comparative vulnerability to overheating is still disturbing, considering Linux is quite aggressive in turning on the fan — perhaps it’s due to Linux’s more aggressive use of available physical RAM: if the other memory module is less well-cooled (the remaining memory stick is 1GB and wider than the 512 Mb I took out) it might be more likely to start randomly flipping bits.

Considering the laptop is certified for up to 2x1GB sticks, it is still a bit disturbing. Perhaps HP fits smaller-sized sticks if someone requested the maximum amount of RAM..


One response to “Laptop overheating solved

  1. Interesting…I’ve been having a similar problem with my Dell Inspiron 6400 on Fedora Core 9. FC8 was fine, and Windows XP is fine…I never experienced the issue until I upgraded to FC9. My friend said he had the same issue when he upgraded to FC9, but I don’t think his was a laptop…

    The problem begins after I’ve been using the CPU and/or GPU somewhat extensively (but nothing too hardcore). It seems like something’s overheating, but it’s not the CPU. Everyhing slowly comes to a slow crawl and CPU usage jumps to solid 100% for a good 5-10 minutes, but nothing in the task list is ever using more than 30%, often less. I just put a GPU temp monitor up, so next time it happens I’ll see how that is.

    Does that sound like the problem you were having? If so, I’ll try removing a RAM chip, but I only have 1g so I’d like to avoid halving my memory if possible.