Severina Vuckovic’s Eurovision 2006 contest entry

From Bruce Sterling’s post:

Courageously undaunted by her colossally embarrassing Internet sex-video scandal, Croatian sensation Severina Vuckovic performs here in the coolest turbofolk video I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen plenty.

I’ve been wondering whether she can actually sing, but never thought of hitting YouTube to find out (I did check Amazon to see if they carry .. um .. Croatian Christian pop, which they don’t). So now we know for sure.

Here’s the video:

Bruce links to another video, of an Elvis impersonation, and there are some more on YouTube. Fun stuff! I must say Eurovision is as hilarious as ever. The songwriters must be having giggle loops (or stacks) 😛


One response to “Severina Vuckovic’s Eurovision 2006 contest entry

  1. I think as far as celeb sex tapes go, the Severina tape was actually quite passionate and sexy – as opposed to sordid and seedy like some, this is probably one of those cases where the tape really was for personal use and was actually stolen – as opposed to the vast majority where the tapes are nothing more than marketing stunts to jump start a flagging career!