90 years after the Armenian Genocide

Ninety years ago today, the Ottomans started the pogrom that led to the Armenian Genocide, a topic that is still so controversial that just a few years back Turkey recalled its ambassador to France after the National Assembly there passed a resolution condemning it.

You could show your sympathy for the victims by lighting a candle for them. Atom Ergoyan’s movie Ararat [imdb.com] might prove instructive, both in highlighting the controversial nature of the topic and in understanding how the issue affect Armenians today, even in diaspora, especially in the light of recent China-Japan tensions.

Thanks to The Head Heeb for writing about this – you might want to read his post for links to reports of commemorations throughout the world.

As I wrote on the commemorative site,

To the genocide victims, may your plight be recognized and may the world come to abhor violence…


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