Off-the-beaten-path: Trivias from the Macworld Keynote

Apple – QuickTime – Macworld San Francisco 2005 Expo Keynote

  • 101 Apple Retail Stores
  • Latest, largest store in London

I get an ironic sense of déja vù at this point – remember that the Mac was launched with a Superbowl ad referring to George Orwell’s 1984? Think of ‘room 101’ and the fact that 1984 is set in London.

Spotlight demo

  • OS X Tiger froze when Jobs opened an image full-screen – guess it’s not just Bill Gates that’s having problems with OS demos. He handled it quite well though
  • iTunes Artwork screensaver is cool

Apple’s QuickTime server seems totally swamped right now, so I’ll post this now and add to this entry later. Of course, you can check out the Mac mini, iPod Shuffle and Pages right now..

Update: 01/12/05 1:37 PM

  • integrates with iPhoto and Spotlight
  • has slideshow for images (with ‘add to iPhoto’ support)
  • They use the House of Flying Daggers trailer for the H.264 demo.. nice!
  • on-screen controls from iPhoto used in both and QT7
  • Dashboard widgets are really awesome – Konfabulator stands no chance, alas
  • Steve Jobs’ favourite onomatopoeic word: boom
  • Colour scheme of iChat icon changed from blue-yellow to blue-white?
  • No exact date for Tiger launch – still ‘first half of 2005’
  • iPhoto photo editing seems much improved. Quick links to other photos in the same album, and much more options. Remains to be seen if resizing a photo using iPhoto still results in a much larger image than using, say, Gimp
  • Al Gore was in the audience (he’s an Apple VP, IIRC)
  • Am I falling under the RDF? For the iMovie demo Jobs used Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s Over the Rainbow, which I adore..
  • Mac mini: BYODKM – bring your own display, keyboard, mouse. Tiny 6″x6″x2″ computer (power adapter external, obviously, and it uses 2.5″ laptop drives). Very impressive when Jobs showed it around for the first time.. while on the HDTV screen, it was superimposed with an iPod mini!
  • iPod: iPod adapter now available on, among others, Scion cars. Reminds me of a Scion advertisement I saw in a cinema recently; I recall thinking that the Scion logo looks a lot like Toyota’s .. well, it’s because it is one. Just like Honda has Accura and Toyota has Lexus for their high-end models, now they have Scion to target Gen Y yuppies.
  • iPod Shuffle: Hmm, not sure about this one. Nice and small, not so much more expensive than a normal thumbdrive, but.. I like to know what song I’m listening too. Though I’m tempted to get one to use when exercising ..

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